Finnish artisanship and high-quality materials deserving to be recognized

The story of Nâru begins in 2018 when I dreamed of producing bow ties to sell in my webstore (mirrikauppa.fi). This resulted in a spectacular leather bow tie crafted from Finnish reindeer hide, and now it has become the brand it deserves to be. The Nâru collection includes cognac-coloured bow ties for adults, children and babies. There is also a “two buddies” set which includes one bow tie for a baby or child along with one for an adult: a perfect gift idea! A classically dapper black bow tie in the adult size is also available in our collection.

The story behind Nâru
I have never thought of myself as any kind of artisan! I had the first bow ties made by an outside craftsperson, but there was such a high boom in interest that production could not meet the demand, so I had to figure something out. I sewed, tested, made mistakes and had realisations. Now I can say that I know how to sew a bow tie. And hopefully, that bow tie will soon be found on your neck.

By purchasing a Nâru bow tie, you are supporting sustainable and high-quality, authentic Finnish artisanship, as well as supporting a small business.